Snickers® Vanilla Flavored Light Ice Cream 16.0 fl. oz. Carton

Snickers® Brand Vanilla Ice Cream. What's inside. Calories 180, 9%DV per serving. 4 Servings per pint. Natural and Artificial Flavors. 16.0 fl oz (473 ml). Real Ice Cream. Vanilla ice cream, chopped Snickers® Bars, caramel & chocolate-coated peanuts. Enjoy real vanilla ice cream (not some frozen dairy substitute), crunchy chocolate-covered peanuts, scrumptious caramel swirls and chopped Snickers® Bars. What's inside... per serving (about 4 servings per pint). Calories 180, 9%DV. Total Fat 9g, 14%DV. Sat. Fat 5g, 25%DV. Sugars 18g *. Sodium 85mg, 4%DV. GDA's Are Based On A 2,000 Calorie Diet. To learn more visit *No DV defined. We value your questions or comments. Call 1-800-551-0895. Please save the empty package. ®/™ trademarks ©Mars, Incorporated.