Blue Bunny Load'd Cones Frozen Dairy Dessert, Brownie Bomb

Chocolate frozen dairy dessert with brownie pieces and fudge swirls topped with fudge filled bunnies and chocolaty topping in a chocolate cone. Artificial flavor added. New. 2x the mix-ins (As compared to Blue Bunny Hot Fudge Cone. Excludes toppings). Chewy brownie chunks. Fudge filled bunnies. Rich fudge swirls. Creamy chocolate goodness. Crunchy chocolate cone. Bonus chocolaty bite. Wells - Years & years with bunny ears. Since 1913. To be sold by carton only. Contents are not marked for individual sale. Fun comes in many forms. Enjoy this one. Pull slowly. Drumroll optional. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Visit us at Like these? Discover more fun and flavorful varieties from Blue Bunny. Load'd Sundaes Chocolate Brownie Bomb; Mini Swirls Chocolate; Bunny Snacks Vanilla Fudge Brownie; Super Fudge Brownie Ice Cream. Recyclable.