Hood New England Creamery Ice Cream, Boston Common Cow Chow

Artificially flavored corn meal reduced fat ice cream with pieces of chocolaty sugar cones, peanut butter swirl, and chocolate cookie crumble swirl. artificial flavor added. Fat reduced from 13 g to 9 g per serving. Contains 30% less fat than regular ice cream. Produced with genetic engineering. Limited time only. New England's ice cream for more than 100 years. Manufactured at plant code stamped on carton. Our unique New England Creamery flavors will remind you of your most cherished New England places and tastes. Share a special Hood moment with your family today! Always good. Always Hood. Hood.com. Comments or questions: 1 (800) 242-2423 Hood.com. Try all of our great tasting New England creamery flavors. Bear creek caramel, Boston vanilla bean. Cape cod fudge shop.