Crayola Color Pops Flavored Ice Pops, No Sugar Added, Cherry, Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Grape & Watermelon

Part of the Eskimo Pie. Better for Kids. Line of Nutritious frozen snack. 10 Calories per pop! Sweetened with Splenda. Naturally Fat - Free. Good Source of Vitamins A, C & E. Natural and Artificial flavors added. 8 Different Color Pops! Find your favorite! Color education in every pop! Color Combo Pops: Yellow plus Red equals Orange; Red plus Blue equals purple; Blue plus yellow equals green. Primary Pop: Red, Yellow, Blue. Super Secondary Pop: Purple, Green, Orange. Color Combo Pops teach kids abut how colors mix. Primary Color Pops reach kids about the primary colors. Super Secondary Pops teach kids abut 3 blended colors. Two flavors in every bite! Made in the United States of America.