Henry & Lisa's Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers - 4 CT

Henry & Lisa's™ Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers. Natural seafood. Nurture Your Health™. Non-GMO! Gluten free! Independently tested. Quick & easy! Great for the grill! 100% all natural. High protein. Healthy omega-3's. 4 Handcrafted burgers. Net Wt 12.8 Oz (363g). Dear friends, our mission is to be your family's trusted source for the world's healthiest, safest, highest quality sustainable seafood... naturally. We've traveled the world since 1999 sourcing the finest seafood available, and have enjoyed meeting with local artisanal family fishers and supporting their way of life. We all love to cookout so we set out to create a healthy alternative to the traditional hamburger. Our Wild Alaskan salmon burgers raise the bar; they are all natural, healthy, non-GMO, high protein, packed with heart healthy omega 3's and delicious to boot. Handcrafted with care from wild Alaskan salmon, these "burgers" will satisfy even the heartiest appetite. Toss 'em on the grill and you will love the flavor and enjoy knowing that you are supporting small fishing communities in Alaska! We care deeply for the future of our planet and the world of water. From how we source our seafood, to the renewable energy that powers our office, to the many marine conservation causes we support, your purchase helps us further our mission - thank you. Eco Fish®. Simply delicious, healthy seafood... naturally! No preservatives. No antibiotics. No added chemicals. No hormones. Fish may contain bones. Just 100% premium grade seafood & nothing else! We invite you to nurture your health with Henry and Lisa's natural seafood. Thank you for your support. Please recycle. Printed with soy based inks. www.henryandlisas.com.