Halo Top Raspberry White Chip Light Ice Cream Pint, 16 fl oz

Halo Top Limited Edition Raspberry White Chip Light Ice Cream delivers a sweet frozen dessert that you can enjoy while pursuing your path to wellness. This light ice cream pint packs in raspberry flavor with delicious white chocolatey chips mixed in, and includes a variety of high-quality ingredients and ultrafiltered skim milk to make a better-for-you frozen treat. Prioritize your wellness and love yourself more while enjoying this Kosher snack that’s a good source of protein and contains fewer calories than regular ice cream. Light Ice Cream makes a delicious break for long days at work, class or the side-hustle. You can even treat yourself to this light ice cream frozen dessert as a reward for going to the gym or as a sweet pick-me-up after a hard day without spoiling yourself. Halo Top light ice cream pints come in an easy to store, resealable package, so you can keep it until you’re ready to enjoy a classic frozen treat with a modern twist.