Force Of Nature Bison Patties, with Uncured Bacon

Made with 100% grass fed + pasture raised bison. 22 grams of protein per serving. Ready to cook. With uncured bacon (Grass fed bison with uncured bacon). Bison and pork have never received antibiotics or added growth hormones (Federal regulation prohibits the use of growth hormones in bison and pork). Life changing patties: Our Bison Patties with uncured bacon are a tribute to conscious carnivores who seek delicious meat that is raised in a setting which allows both animals and the environment to thrive (Force of Nature defines a thriving environment as an ecosystem that promotes biodiversity and soil health). This culinary masterpiece combines our two favorite ingredients, 100% Grass fed bison and uncured bacon, to create elevated patties that will quickly become the highlight of any meal. We ask you to celebrate, enjoy, and show gratitude for the animals we consume on a daily basis. Their ultimate sacrifice allows us to feed ourselves, friends, and family with delicious and wholesome meat. US Inspected and Passed by Department of Agriculture. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. (at)forceofnaturemeats.