Evol Guajillo Chicken & Cauliflower, Gluten Free, Frozen Food, 10.5 oz.

Evol Guajillo Chicken and Cauliflower is easy to prepare and insanely delicious! This frozen meal is full of tasty ingredients like grilled seasoned white meat chicken with red bell peppers over cauliflower florets in a non-dairy, creamy Southwestern-style guajillo sauce. Enjoying yummy meals just got easier with this frozen dinner that is ready in just a few simple steps. Eat this microwave meal with peace of mind knowing it's gluten free, has no milk or soy ingredients, is paleo friendly and fits a low carb lifestyle.* Plus, this easy, flavorful meal has 17 g of protein per serving! Our food philosophy: Love what you eat. * 17 g Total Carbs - 6 g Dietary Fiber = 11 g Net Carbs † Net Carbs includes only those carbohydrates that have a measurable impact on blood sugar levels.