Blue Horizon Wild Surf Burger, Alaskan Salmon

Best choice for sustainability. Omega-3s (Contains approx. 636 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per serving. See nutrition information for cholesterol content). All natural. Gluten-free. Love a grilled burger, but want something nutritious? This is it. Our hand-crafted Surf Burgers are made from wild-caught, Alaskan Sockeye and Keta Salmon sourced from the pristine waters of Northern Alaska, and defined as best choice for sustainability by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program. Clean Living: We keep our Surf Burgers uncomplicated: no synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics commonly used with farmed salmon. We never use preservatives, fillers, trans fats, or anything artificial. Each of our 4-ounce patties has approximately 60% less fat than a beef burger and is lower in calories than a veggie burger. The average 4 oz beef burger contains 21 g fat and the average 4 oz veggie burgers contains 200 calories. (Source: USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory). Wild vs Farmed: While there is a lot of discussion around the topic, there's really no comparison. In terms of taste, nutrition and environmental impact, wild seafood from sustainably-managed fisheries is the best option when it comes to choosing your seafood. The Source: Our preferred source for Wild Sockeye Salmon is from small coastal fishing companies, or native Americans who work together along the Kuskokwim, one of the northern most rivers in Alaska, using the same sustainable fishing traditions their families have used for hundreds of years. Fishing in the remote, unspoiled waters along the Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian islands and northern Alaska, responsible fishermen like these are the reason we are optimistic about the future of our oceans. This salmon is defined as best choice for sustainability by Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch Program. The Company: Blue Horizon Wild is dedicated to healthy oceans and healthy people. We use only wild, sustainably harvested, premium-grade seafood, and we support smaller, artisan fisheries that help rebuild native fish populations, which leads to healthier oceans and healthier seafood options for you! On the Boat: Meet Fred Turkheimer, one of Blue Horizon Wild's fishermen. Fred's been fishing Sockeye Salmon for 30 years in the rough, open waters of the Bering Sea. He and the other members of Alaska Peninsula Fisherman's Co-op use specially fit nets, designed to catch Sockeye Salmon and eliminate most by-catch. Questions or comments? Call: 1-800-54-Foods. Made in USA.