Bakerly Pancakes To Go, French Recipe

Per Pancake: 6 g sugars; 130 g cal; 0 g trans fat. No GMO. A hint of sweetness. Authentic French recipe. New. Ready to go - Ready to eat! Wheat flour + milk + eggs + savoir faire = The French pancakes to go! Bakerly is proud to introduce its first ready to eat pancake in the US! Made with eggs and milk, this French style pancake has a delicious flavor and irresistible cakey texture. The whole family will love them! Ready to Eat: Our delicious pancakes are made ready to eat and can be enjoyed on the go! French pancakes are made with simple ingredients, theyre flavorful with a hint of sweetness. You can enjoy our pancakes as is or heat them up for breakfast or a snack! Bon appetit! Free from artificial colors & artificial flavors. Our Ingredients Promise! No artificial flavors or colors; no GMO; no high fructose corn syrup. Check out our complete ingredient no-no list at Individually wrapped! Product of France.