Against The Grain Pita Bread, Gluten Free, Original, 7-Inch

Lebanese-style pita. Soft. Versatile. Light. Simple ingredients. Grain free. Lebanese-style pita is extremely thin, lightly-leavened bread with a soft exterior. It is baked in a very hot oven under flames for a short period of time. You'll even notice slight char marks from the flames. Typically the bread puffs up with the heat, and falls back down as it cools. Stuff it, wrap it, grill it, top it, fry it, and bake or toast it into deli sandwiches, main dishes, appetizers, and desserts. Now you can have it all grain-free - no gluten, no corn, no soy, no eggs, no refined sugar, no tree nuts, or peanuts - pure, wholesome ingredients with no artificial binders and no preservatives. Finally, soft and light pita bread from the makers of your favorite grain-free, gluten-free bread and pizza. Look for it in the frozen section. Did You Know? Buckwheat is neither a form of wheat, nor is it a grain. It is an herb cultivated for its triangular seeds that are ground and used like wheat. Botanically, it is related to rhubarb. It is a hardy, easy-to-grow plant without the use of pesticides. Who is Against the Grain? We are a celiac-owned family business. We strongly believe in supporting our local economy and family farms, and we source our ingredients, supplies and services locally whenever possible. All of our products are baked from scratch. Indeed, we spend a good amount of time chopping, shredding, pouring, and blending. We're committed to baking gluten-free products using the natural properties of real foods. Discover Against the Grain - the definitive gluten-free cookbook with revolutionary all-natural gluten-free recipes from the owner of Against the Grain Gourmet. Over 200 recipes for light and airy, gum-free, all natural baked goods, including pizza, breads, cakes, and cookies. Made in Vermont in a gluten-free facility. Made in USA.