Frontera Skillet Sauce, Taco, Key Lime Cilantro

With roasted tomatillo + green chile. Ready in 10 minutes. Medium. Gourmet seasoning from Chef Rick Bayless. Key Lime Cilantro Taco Skillet Sauce: Everybody dreams of eating tacos on a Mexican beach - the flavors of fresh seafood, lime, green chile and cilantro wrapped in a warm tortilla. Here it is, ready in 10 minutes - surf not included. Rick Bayless: Award-winning chef, author, host of Public Television's Mexico - One Plate at a Time and winner of Bravo's Top Chef Masters. All natural. No preservatives. No gluten ingredients used. Not intended for microwave use. Call with comments: 800-509-4441 or email. for recipes and entertaining ideas from Rick Bayless and Frontera.