From The Ground Up Crackers, Nacho Flavor, Cauliflower

Crackers about 50 per serving. Certified Gluten-free. Certified Vegan. Non GMO Project verified. Real food from the group up. Snacks with Plant-based twist. Explosion of flavor. Veggie packed goodness. Calling all snack-lovers and health-enthusiast-don't let dehydrated veggie chips of the world tell you that less is more, that's nonsense! More is more! That's why we're doing our all, so you can have it all - more veggies, more flavor, more crunch, more per serving. Go ahead have a handful, or two, we won't tell! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)FromTheGroundupSnacks. More that just a pretty box, useful too! Recyclable outer carton. Product of Greece.