Feline Greenies® Smartbites™ Hairball Control Chicken Flavor Cat Treats 4.6 oz. Pouch

Treat your cat to a delicious snack and essential health benefits with FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES Treats for Cats. Made with natural ingredients, including plant-based fibers and premium proteins, these dual-textured cat treats are prepared to help minimize the formation of hairballs in the digestive tract and promote a healthy metabolism. Your cat will also love the savory chicken flavor of GREENIES Healthy Cat Treats. So whether you're looking for your cat's next favorite treat or want to give them essential nutrition with visible benefits, FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES are a great-tasting complement to your cat's healthy diet. FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES Hairball Control Cat Treats are designed by veterinarians to help reduce the formation of hairballs, promote healthy digestion, clean teeth and freshen breath. Finally, Treating Has a Higher PurposeTreat and bond with your cat while providing essential health benefits. FELINE GREENIES™ SMARTBITES™ Hairball Control Cat Treats are not indulgent, empty calories. This delicious, dual-textured treat helps minimize hairball formation and supports healthy digestion for adult cats that need a little extra help when fed in conjunction with a hairball diet. Contains one (1) 4.6-oz. bag of FELINE GREENIES SMARTBITES Hairball Control Chicken Flavor Treats for Cats Designed by veterinarians to help prevent hairballs Features a combination of plant-based fibers to minimize hairball formation and promote healthy digestion Made with natural ingredients and premium proteins Your cat will love the real chicken flavor and texture variety Hairball