Faultless® Hot Iron Cleaner 1 oz. Box

Removes dirt, residue, starch & scorch from iron soleplate.Follow iron manufacturer's instructions for cleaning. Use each time you finish ironing to maintain the soleplate.Safe for most soleplates Safe for most metal, Teflon® & Silverstone® surfaces. Helpful HintsUse Hot Iron Cleaner to remove melted webs, fusibles, iron-on interfacings, trims, burned-on synthetics and coatings caused by excess starch and detergent buildup. Keep a towel, treated with Hot Iron Cleaner, handy for repeated use while ironing. Makes iron glide easier so ironing seems faster. A Deep CleanPowered by Heat! Easy and Handy to UseNontoxic Makes Irons GlideNonflammable Removes Melted Fusibles