Evenflo Electric Breast Pump, Deluxe Advanced Double

2951 Recommended by breastfeeding experts and moms. Closed system. Maximize your milk output. Comfortable & gentle on breasts. Quiet & portable for everyday use. Welcome to no-compromise pumping. Never sacrifice milk, comfort or time! 3 Year Warranty (3 year limited warranty. Details of warranty inside): durable & reliable. Independent Speed & Suction: helps express more milk. Multiple Flange Sizes: for personalized fit & comfort. Unique Angled Flanges: helps eliminate slouching. Quiet Hush Motor: pump anywhere with discretion. Multiple Power Options: pump at home, at work, or on-the-go. Single or Double Pumping Modes: you choose. Closed System: hygienic & easy to clean. First-class customer service. With one-on-one pumping support! Includes: Advanced double electric breast pump; (2) 30.5 mm flange kits; (2) 28.0 mm soft flange inserts; (2) 24.5 mm soft flange inserts; (4) 5 fl oz advanced milk collection bottles; (4) cap rings & sealing discs; pump shoulder bag; insulated cooler bag; (3) ice packs; AC adapter or battery option (Can be powered with 6 AA alkaline batteries [not included]); (2) extra valves & membranes; instruction for use. What moms are saying - so comfortable as an exclusive pumper I use this pump daily about 6 times a day; I don't have a lot of time to pump in my day. So I need it to be effective & time efficient and oh my word it is!!. 2019 Evenflo online reviews. The Balance Between Pumping & Feeding: Inside this box is our balance + nipple. We worked with pediatric feeding specialists to develop a bottle specifically designed to support baby's healthy latch & breast. Naturally-sloped nipple props baby's mouth open like at breast, for a healthy, wide latch. Intentional slow flow to prevent chugging. Save milk and time by pumping directly into balance + bottle (available in standard neck and wide neck. Wide neck bottles require adapter for pump compatibility. Sold separately) or feeding from the collection bottles inside. AC Adapter: Input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ; Output 9 VDC, 1.3A, 12W. Colors and style may vary from picture. 3 year warranty (3 year limited warranty. Details of warranty inside). ETL listed - Intertek. www.evenflofeeding.com. (hashtag)letloveflo. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. (at)evenflofeeding. Breast pumps are personal care items, for one user only. For safety and health reasons, once opened, they cannot be returned at retail. Questions? Call 1-855-334-2229. USA/Canada: 1-855-334-2229. www.evenflofeeding.com. BPA free (Parts intended to contact the breast or milk are made without BPA). Made in China. Designed in USA.