Ernie's Salsa Perfect Peach

Ernie's Salsa Perfect Peach. Low sodium. Fat free. Best you've ever tasted. The perfect blend of sweet and heat. Net Wt. 12 oz. (360 g). My fellow salsa fanatics and flavor junkies, finally there's a salsa that gets everything right, and by "everything" I mean flavor. My Perfect Peach packs a zesty one-two punch of sweet and heat that'll leave your taste buds reeling and have you coming back for more. And if you don't love my salsa, I'll buy it back!* Browse my other products, place an order or drop me a line at our website. All natural. Virginia agriculture® - Virginia's finest. *For a full refund send uneaten portion in original jar and receipt to: P.O. Box 14601 Richmond, VA 23221. Visit: