Equaline Omperazole, 20 mg, Tablets, Strawberry Flavor

Delayed release orally disintegrating tablets 20 mg acid reducer. 24 hr. Melts in your mouth dissolves without water treats frequent heartburn! One 14-day course of treatment may take 1 to 4 days for full effect. Meltech melts in your mouth. Compare to Prilosec OTC (This product is not manufactured or distributed by Procter & Gamble, distributor of Prilosec OTC). supervaluprivatebrands.com. Questions or comments? 1-800-719-9260: weekdays 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST. Made in Israel. Other information: Read the directions and warnings before use. Keep the carton. It contains important information. Store at 68-77 degrees F (20-25 degrees C); keep product out of high heat and moisture. Tips for managing heartburn: do not lie flat or bend over after eating; do not wear tight-fitting clothing around the stomach; do not eat before bedtime; raise the head of your bed; avoid heartburn-causing foods such as rich, spicy, fatty or fried foods, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and certain fruits and vegetables; eat slowly and and avoid big meals; if overweight, lose weight; quit smoking.