Enlightened Ice Cream Bars Cold Brew Coffee Chip - 4 CT

Enlightened® Ice Cream Bars Cold Brew Coffee Chip. The good-for-you ice cream. 90 Calories. More protein. Less sugar*. Gluten free. 4 - 3.75 fl (110 ml) Low fat ice cream bars. Total 15 fl oz (440 ml). Rich espresso chips swirled through smooth coffee ice cream. At last, ice cream that makes you feel as good as it tastes! We offer a healthy, delicious choice that will make you rethink what ice cream can be. Enlightened Ice Cream is light on calories, fat, and sugar and packed with protein, fiber, and incredible flavor. It's everything your body wants and needs. Made with rBST free milk*. Low fat. Only 5g sugar. 7g Protein. High fiber. No artificial sweetener. Ice cream pints: Sea salt caramel. Chocolate peanut butter swirl. Toasted almond crunch. Mint chip swirl. Frozen hot cocoa. Fudge. Birthday cake. Peanut butter chocolate chip. Protein content of regular ice cream is 2g per serving; protein content of this ice cream is 7g per serving. Sugar content of regular ice cream is 18g per serving; sugar content of this ice cream is 5g per serving. 7 Net carbs (Erythritol has no calories or effect on blood sugar). *No significant difference has been been shown between milk derived from cows treated with artificial hormones and those not treated with artificial hormones. Smartpoints® value = 3. The Smartpoints® value for this product was calculated by Beyond Better Foods, LLC and is provided for information purposes only. Weight Watchers International, Inc, the owner of the Weight Watchers® and SmartPoints® trademarks. eatenlightened.com.