Edward & Sons Japanese Restaurant Style Miso-Cup Instant Miso Soup

Edward & Sons™ Japanese Restaurant Style Miso-Cup® Instant Miso Soup. Made with organic miso. Since 1978. 3 single servings. Vegan, V©. GF© gluten free. Only 50 calories per serving. Just add hot water! Net wt 2.9 oz 82g. The Story of Miso-Cup®: Miso (pronounced mee-so), one of Asia's most important foods, was first enjoyed in China more than two thousand years ago. Buddhist monks brought this versatile soy food to Japan, where it evolved into the delicious miso soup we enjoy today. Originally reserved exclusively for nobility, miso is now a treasured staple in homes and kitchens throughout Asia*. Thanks to its wonderful flavor and unique nutritional profile, miso soup has become a featured menu item in sushi bars and Japanese restaurants around the world. To create Japanese Restaurant Style Miso-Cup, our food artisans age organic soybeans and organic rice with a traditional starter culture called "koji". Salt, time and pressure regulate this aging process and yield the culinary treasure known as miso. Select onion, yeast, mushroom and seaweed extracts tastefully enhance complex miso flavors. The addition of our classic miso "soup bits" make this delicious Miso-Cup complete. Japanese Restaurant Style Miso-Cup boasts full bodied, satisfying flavor reminiscent of dining in fine Japanese restaurants. Prepare as directed to enjoy delicious miso soup in seconds™... just about anywhere! *Source: The Book Of Miso by W. Shurtleff 3 A. Aoyagi, 10 Speed Press. Miso-Cup: Offering travelers and busy people Convenience Without Compromise® since 1978. Certified organic by QAI. Convenience without Compromise®. Special Offer! Who needs disposable soup cups To purchase a limited edition Miso-Cup Mug (a $6.95 value), please send a check for $3.99 to: Miso-Cup Soup Mug Offer, PO Box 1326, Carpinteria, CA 93014. All proceeds will be donated to non-profit reforestation organizations to help renew depleted woodland resources. For more information, go to soyinfocenter.com. ©2016 Edward & Sons Trading Company, Inc.