DreamFields Lasagna

Healthy carb living. 65% lower glycemic index (Based on Dreamfield's Pasta glycemic index of 13. Regular pasta glycemic index of 38.). Excellent source of fiber. Guaranteed great taste. 5 g digestible carbs per serving (Count 5 grams of carbohydrates per each 56 g serving when controlling carbohydrate intake and blood sugar levels to promote good health and weight control. Dreamfields offers many health benefits and has been clinically tested to establish digestible carbohydrate levels.). The benefits of reducing digestible carbs and eating low glycemic foods. Many leading nutritional experts believe that managing digestible carbohydrates is an important way to help control blood sugar. Research also supports low glycemic index diets may be an effective way to help manage weight, when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Dreamfields is the perfect choice for your weight management and blood sugar plans. With only 5 grams of digestible carbs, Dreamfields helps limit the rise in blood sugar levels that normally occur after eating regular pasta. As a low glycemic index food, Dreamfields, having a 65% lower glycemic index than regular pasta makes you feel full longer, and supports your weight management plan. Dreamfields contains over twice the fiber of regular pasta, with a natural prebiotic fiber that has been scientifically shown to improve digestive health and help support a healthy immune system. Choose healthy. Choose Dreamfields. Like other premium pastas, Dreamfields is made from durum wheat semolina, which is why it tastes great. However, Dreamfields' patent pending formula and unique manufacturing process creates a matrix within the pasta, protecting 31 grams of carbohydrates from being digested. Carb Facts: Total Carbs: 41; Fiber: -5; Protected Carbs: -31; Digestible Carbs: 5. Good Housekeeping Promises - Limited warranty to consumers. Learn more about Dreamfields Pasta, and find delicious recipes at: DreamfieldsFoods.com. 100% recycled paperboard.