Dove DermaSeries for Dry Skin Fragrance-Free Facial Cleansing Bar 3.52 oz, 2 count

Dove DermaSeries dry skin relief gentle cleansing face bar Experience the dry skin care expertise from the new Dove bar! A unique blend of skin-natural lipids and mild cleansing actives makes this one of Dove best face cleansers for dry skin. This Dove face wash bar removes impurities without stripping moisture out to provide lasting nourishment and comfort. Beautiful feeling skin starts with care. Creamy, gentle cleansing for extremely dry skin This new Dove facial cleanser is a unique, creamy, cleansing bar for the most delicate faces. Facial skin is different than the skin on the body – it is thinner, more delicate and constantly stressed by cleansing and the environment, so it needs more replenishing care to restore moisture and maintain barrier function. Dove DermaSeries has a unique approach to cleansing as it uses ultra-mild surfactant to reduce irritation, replenish the natural lipid barrier, and infuse skin with moisture. Discover this hypoallergenic, fragrance-free face wash bar for dry skin. Beautiful-feeling skin starts with care. How to use This gentle cleansing Dove facial bar has been specially crafted to provide an enjoyable cleansing experience without irritating the skin. - Lather Dove bar in your hands and apply on wet face in circular motions. Also suitable for body use. - Rinse your skin before patting dry. Repeat every morning and evening. - Finish with Dove DermaSeries replenishing face cream or body lotion. The best Dove facial cleansing bar for very dry skin Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free non-soap facial cleansing bar Creamy, gentle cleansing for extremely dry skin Dove's mildest beauty bar with 40% moisturising cream Gentle formula for very dry skin, tested with dermatologists Suitable for psoriasis and eczema-prone skin