Dole Salad Seven Lettuces

Dole Seven Lettuces. Easy open. Thoroughly washed. Preservative free. All natural. Romaine. Red leaf. Green leaf. Butter lettuce. Escarole. Radicchio. Endive. Salad guide: Taste - sweet & subtle - complex & robust - zesty & bold. Texture - tender - crisp - crunchy. Seven lettuces pairs well with chili mango salad. Dressing, blackened pork, roasted poblano peppers and tortilla strips. We carefully selected each of the seven lettuces to create the perfect combination of mild and tangy, tenderness and crunch. Sweet romaine and delicate butter lettuce balance the spicy flavors of radicchio, escarole and endive. Bold dressings and big flavors are the perfect additions. Questions Comments Visit or call us at 1-800-356-3111. Satisfaction guaranteed. 2011 Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. This product is kosher certified when the kosher symbol appears on the front by the date code.