DIABETISOURCE AC Unflavored 8.45 fl. oz. Pack

NutriShield. Clinically shown to help manage blood glucose levels. With DiabetiShield a Key Combination of Arginine, Chromium and Vitamins C and E: to help improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance; may reduce the risk of diabetes-associated tissue damage. Contains unique blend of Benefiber and FOS to help promote good digestive health. Soy protein for enhanced heart health. 300 calories. Diabetisource AC is the first calorically dense (1.2 cal/ml), diabetic tube feeding supplemental with arginine, chromium and antioxidants (vitamins C and E), which have been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance and may reduce the risk of diabetes associated tissue damage. In clinical trials, patients with diabetes mellitus had better blood sugar control on Diabetisource AC than patients on a standard tube feeding formula. Diabetisource AC is a medical food made with soy protein, fruits and vegetables. 1500 calories (1250 ml or 5 cans) provides 18.8 g of fiber and at least 100% of the RDI for 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Caloric Distribution: protein - 20%; fat - 44%; carbohydrate - 36%. Water Content: 204 l/250 ml. Osmolality: 450 mOsm/kg water. This product was manufactured under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.