Tassimo Gevalia Dark Italian Roast Extra Bold Roast Coffee T-Discs for Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing Systems, 12 ct Pack

Tassimo Gevalia Extra Bold Dark Italian Roast Coffee T-Discs deliver extra bold flavor and full-bodied richness in an easy to prepare format. This dark roast Italian coffee is sharp and intense, reminiscent of brews served in the finest European cafes. Featuring a robust and hearty blend with layers of complexity, these Tassimo coffee discs are made from premium Arabica beans to ensure the coffee in your cup is always rich, never bitter. Designed to deliver a larger 8 fluid ounce serving of made-to-order Italian dark roast coffee, these Kosher coffee discs are suitable for use in Tassimo t20, 45 or 47 coffee brewers. To preserve the aroma and powerful flavor, store this 12 count bag of coffee discs in a cool, dry place.