Darigold Creamer, French Vanilla

Natural & artificial flavor. Made with real cream. Ultra pasteurized. Homogenized. 4 simple ingredients. Since 1918. The Creamer That's Creamier: Our farmers get up at the crack of dawn every day to help make your morning coffee sweet and creamy. That's why our creamer is made with just 4 simple ingredients, such as rBST-free half and half, and without the non-dairy creamer stuff. It's the cream of the creamer crop. Farmer owned cooperative guaranteed quality. rBST free (Does not contain the artificial growth hormone rBST. According to the FDA, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST treated cows and non-rBST treated cows). Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. Get social with us. Like us. Pin us. Tweet us. Grade A. A gluten free product. www.darigold.com.