noosa Yoghurt, Mango Fruit Smoothie, 7 fl oz, Whole Milk Yogurt, Real Fruit, Grade-A Pasteurized, Gluten Free, Probiotic

From sweet, juicy mango to velvety whole milk, every ingredient in this smoothie is just as mouth-watering as the next. after all, you can’t spell mango without MMMM. Each mango fruit smoothie 7 fl oz bottle is not only packed with tons of flavor and creamy texture but also a filling 5g of protein. noosa probiotic fruit smoothie is completely gluten free, made with live and active cultures and of course contains no artificial preservatives. Our noosa whole milk drinkable yogurt is made with rBGH Free*, Grade A whole milk then it is infused with a touch of pure wildflower honey for a unique, lightly sweetened and totally awesome taste. *according to the FDA, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBGH treated and non-rBGH treated cows