Nancys Probiotic Yogurt, Non-Dairy, Strawberry Hibiscus, Oatmilk

6 g plant protein. Dairy free. Gluten free. Soy free. Nut free. Free of soy, gluten & nuts. Non GMO Project verified. Springfield Creamery since 1960. Billions of live probiotics in every cup! Plant based dairy free. Making genuine cultured foods since 1960. Pull here for some cultured facts. Live probiotics bIllions per serving. As many live probiotics as we can fit in a cup! Billions with a B! We carefully select a broad range of non-dairy probiotic stains and deliver tens of billions (with a 'B'!) of live beneficial bacteria in every serving (measured in CFU's: Colony Forming Units Counts are averages taken at time of expiration date). Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12 - The Defender: We all need a little back-up now and then and BB-12 is just the sort of friend you want around when things get dicey - This is the go-to bacteria that may support the normal function of the immune system and aid digestion. L. Acidophilus - The Builder: It all started with L. acidophilus, the first probiotic used in Nancy's original recipe in 1970. Even decades later. we still building our strong probiotic profile on the back of are this respected strain. L. Rhamnosus LGG - The Supporter: Our bodies need a little support, and LGG offers just that This probiotic may help to restore and maintain a natural balance of good bacteria in the gut. Genuinely sustainable food. Honestly good for you. While you are enjoying your delicious oatmilk non-dairy yogurt, know that mother nature likes your choice too! Considerably less water is needed to grow oat crops than other dairy alternatives. Oat crops can also help with soil erosion. So you can wholeheartedly enjoy every spoonful, knowing that it's as good for our environment as it is for you. Separate paper to recycle.