Silk Coffee Beverage, Dairy Free, Mocha Almond & Oat Latte

Certified Gluten-Free. Free from: dairy; gluten; carrageenan; cholesterol; artificial colors & flavors. 80 mg caffeine per serving = shots of espresso (Silk latte has approx. 80mg caffeine per 12 oz. serving; a standard espresso shot has 63mg caffeine per 1 oz. shot. USDA, ARS. Fooddata central, 2019). Non GMO Project Verified. Cold brew coffee blended with espresso. Responsibly grown & harvested. Because we believe in doing right by you & the planet. Indulge in bold coffee + smooth almondmilk + creamy oatmilk blended with rich cocoa. Minus the coffeehouse chatter. Did we mention you control the playlist, too? Rule your day. Love it or your money back. Visit or call 888-820-9283 for full refund. Limit two refunds per house hold per year. UTZ Certified coffee. The coffee in this product was grown by UTZ certified farmers. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. To learn more about how we craft our coffee, visit Certified B Corporation. I'm green plastic greater than 80% bio-based verified by ASTM D6866.