Organic Valley® 0% Fat Free Milk 0.5 gal. Carton

Vitamin A&D. Pasteurized. We Never Use: antibiotics; synthetic hormones; toxic pesticides; GMOs. USDA organic. Organic is always non GMO. The Elsenpeter Family Farm - Organic Valley Farmer-Owner. From our family farms to you. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. Homogenized. Fat reduced from 8 g to 5 g. Our cows are social and so are we! Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. Pasture-raised. Pasture-Raised Goodness: Organic Valley's commitment to the highest organic standards and animal care practices helps make all of our food delicious and nutritious. From our award-winning butter and cheese to our free-range organic eggs, Organic Valley offers a difference you can taste. Raising Standards - and Cows: This nutritious milk comes to you from our family farms committed to the highest organic standards. With generations of farming wisdom, we know the best organic milk begins with healthy soil and the care of our cows. Always Handled with Care: cows are part of our family and respect for animals is part of how we do business; time in the pasture means our cows' milk naturally delivers calcium for strong bones; our 57 quality checks ensure your milk arrives tasting as fresh as can be; you wouldn't put them on your table, so we never use antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or GMOs. From Our Family to Yours: Like you, we care about how food is grown, how it tastes, and how healthy it is for all living things. The Elsenpeters are one of the many families across the country and in your area sustainably producing Organic Valley's dairy products. We are your neighbors, a national cooperative of real farmers growing real food the right way. Find an OV farm near you at Pasture-Raised with Love: In a way, cows are like kids - the more time outside, the better. Our farmers send their cows out into lush, organic pastures for fresh air, exercise and grazing (weather permitting, of course). Product of the USA.