Silk Oat Yeah The Oatmeal Cookie One Oatmilk Creamer 32 oz

Naturally flavored. Aartificial flavors. Hey! It's gluten free. Free from: Dairy, gluten. Free from: carrageenan, cholesterol, artificial colors. Non GMO Project verified. Froth like a boss with the moo-less creamy one. Straight from the Barista. Here’s a tip: You can froth oat creamer. So get in the latte line at home. It’s short & PJs are acceptable. Oat Creamer? Oat Yeah! Hey, all you dairy fans - this one’s for you. Inspired by the richness of dairy creamer, Oat Yeah is the moo-less way to take your morning joe up a notch (or two) with oats like you’ve never tasted. Silk employs stringent allergen quality control procedures in all of our manufacturing facilities. To learn more, visit us at More at B-Corporation Certified: Proud to be a force for world-changing good. Discover more at Danone. Proud member of the Danone family. FSC - Mix.