Promised Land® Midnight Chocolate Reduced Fat 2% Milk 1 qt. Bottle

Fans say that our chocolate milk is amazing and tastes "just like melted chocolate ice cream!" So, enjoy the extraordinarily rich chocolate flavor of Promised Land Dairy Midnight Chocolate milk and feel good knowing this family favorite is as wholesome as they come. At Promised Land Dairy, our Jersey cows are anything but ordinary, tracing their origins back to the British Isle of Jersey. Less than 10% of the dairy cows in America are Jerseys, and their milk is naturally richer and creamier than ordinary milk. Since we started back in 1987 on our small, family owned farm, we've always ensured that every bottle of milk we produce contains the highest amount of quality and care, but never any artificial colors, flavors, growth hormones*, or preservatives. Taste the Jersey Cow Difference Richer & Creamier Provides Flavor Protein Calcium Chocolate Deliciousness in Every Bottle