Knudsen Cottage Doubles Honey Vanilla Lowfat Cottage Cheese 4.7 oz. Cup

Low fat cottage cheese & honey vanilla flavored topping. Natural flavor with other natural flavor. 120 calories per container. 10 g of protein per container. 2% milkfat. Since 1919. Real California milk. Since 1919. The very best. The Knudsen brothers started their California creamery in 1919 with one simple rule: make only the very best dairy products. Today we follow the tradition by using the freshest, most wholesome ingredients. Pasteurized. Grade A. Knudsen Low Fat 2% Milkfat Cottage Cheese Doubles with Honey Vanilla Topping offers a convenient and delicious snacking option. Classic cottage cheese gets a sweet makeover with the addition of honey vanilla topping in this easy snack. Made with real milk from California cows, this Grade A honey vanilla cottage cheese contains 2% milkfat for a low fat option. Enjoy this single serve cottage cheese as a quick breakfast, as a snack to tide you over until dinner or as a cottage cheese dessert. The 4.7 ounce cottage cheese cup makes it easy to grab and enjoy at home or on the go. Try Knudsen cottage cheese and you’ll see that it’s just like it was in 1919, simple and delicious from the first bite.