Maya Kaimal Organic Mild Green Split Pea, Spinach & Coconut Everyday Dal 10 oz

Ready in 90 seconds. Comforting green split peas enriched with spinach and coconut come together in this dal with a South Indian soul. Following my Grandmother’s recipe, I add cumin and brown mustard seeds for toasty warmth. Dal is the Indian term for beans simmered with spices to make a thick stew. These cooked dals are a staple across India, each region infuses them with its own flavorful traditions. Keep our favorite versions on hand for those times you want a plant-based meal without a fuss. I bring a fresh perspective to my delicious heritage, inviting you to experience the beautiful complexity of Indian food and share it with the people you love. - Maya Kaimal, Julio Child Award-Winning Cookbook Author.