Brown Cow Cream Top Coffee

Brown Cow™ Cream Top Coffee Yogurt. Smooth & creamy. Real California Milk®. American Humane® certified. Our farmers* pledge. No artificial growth hormones used†. *The FDA has said no significant difference has been shown and no test can now distinguish milk from rBST treated and untreated cows. We're American humane certified! Our farmers have always treated their cows with kindness. But now that we're American Humane Certified, you can be certain the ladies enjoy ample space, shelter, gentle handling, healthy food, clean water, and a safe living environment. *Meets American Humane Certified livestock-care standards, which include a healthy diet, a comfortable environment, and care that limits stress, promotes health, prevents injury and disease and allows animal to express normal behaviors. Thank goodness for coffee! Without it, our farmers would be late for milking and there'd be an awful lot of uncomfortable ladies in the barn every morning. Lily. Certified GF™ gluten-free. Grade A. 1-888-HAY-LILY (429-5459) M-F 6AM - 3PM PST.