Cytosport Cytomax Advanced Hydration Drink Mix Tropical Fruit Flavored 4.5 Lb

Dietary Supplement. Naturally and artificially flavored. Sustained energy and electrolytes. Research proven effective. Alpha-L Polylactate. Proven acid buffering. Stabilizes power output. Reduces perceived exertion. Reduces oxygen consumption. Increases recovery rate. Caffeine free. Low sodium. No sucrose. No aspartame. Cytomax with Sustained Energy: No other exercise drink can match Cytomax's proven performance. University studies (available upon request) have proven that Cytomax: Lowers lactic acid level during and after training by 40% for less burning and cramping during training and less soreness after. So you can beat the burn! Stabilizes power output during intense exercise by over 10% for more strength - especially towards the end of your workout. Reduces perceived exertion by 20% so you feel less fatigued during training. Reduces oxygen consumption rate by 11% at the same performance level. This leaves you with more wind (more of V02-max remaining) for even higher performance. Increases recuperation rate by over 10% to reduce frustrating strength variations from one workout day to the next. In addition, Cytomax contains electrolytes, no sucrose, and just enough sodium. These results are possible because of the discovery of a unique, patented, new energy component: alpha-L-Polylactate (lactate with acid removed, clustered around amino acids and carbohydrates). This type of lactate is efficiently used for energy, like carbohydrate, but enters tissue 2-10 times faster and decreases tissue acidity. (1)Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 21. (2), 1989. 2)Metabolism. 37:850-858, 1988. 3)Am J. Physiol (End. Metab 7)E83-E92, 1983. 4)Am J. Physiol (End Metab 7) E505-E512, 1983.) Alpha-L-Polylactate combined with our special complex carbohydrates gives you sustained energy. This means that in University studies, athletes had better performance after 3 hours of intense exercise with Cytomax than with another leading exercise drink. Cytomax helps keep strength at peak levels longer so you can train harder. If you are trying to improve stamina and speed, Cytomax will help you exercise longer with greater comfort. You will be able to expend more calories with less muscle loss. Cytomax's lactate-based calories are ideal because they are not easily converted to fat. (5)Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 21(2), 1989. 6)Acta Physiol Scand. 132-371, 1988.) Electrolytes: 120 mg sodium; 60 mg potassium; 14 mg magnesium; 6 mg calcium. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)