Cowboy Cookin' Wood, Hickory, Pit- Style

.65 cu ft (18.4 cu dm). Perfect for pit or barrel-style cookers, offset smokes, pizza ovens, fire pits & campfires. 100% all natural. Cookin' wood provides a steady, long-lasting fire which makes it ideal for cooking or smoking for extended periods of time. It is perfect for pit or barrel-style cookers, offset smokers, pizza ovens, fire pits and campfires. For hundreds of years, hickory has been the preferred wood of American pitmasters. Its hearty aroma and full flavor give meat an unmistakable woodsy taste that makes it a favorite of competition cooks and backyard chefs across the country. Great Seal of the State of Florida. In God we trust. This shipment meets the Florida requirements of Section 581.031, F.S. Rule 58-65.005, F.A.C. icr shipment of wood products from Kentucky to Florida under Florida Master Permit FL-KY 21231-01 and under Kentucky compliance agreement KY-CC 21231-01. USDA - APHIS - PPQ. 4700 River Road Riverdale, MF 20737. Certified under 7CFRJ01.53. Emerald Ash Bores (Agrillus Planipennia) Federal Cooperative Domestic Plant Quarantine Establishment or C.A. State of NY. Duraflame inc. Certifies this firewood is New york - approved treated firewood/pest free. This product meets the dec treating requirements under GYNCRR section 1925. Made in USA.