Coppola Rosso & Blanco Rosso, California, 2017

My family has always made wine. To hear it from my father Cammine, These were not fancy wines, They were everyday wines, Wines that were on the dinner table each night. Our Rosso and Bianco wines are made in the same spirit wines for everyday life. Francis Coppola. My first impression about wine was really at age five or six, and it comes from a memory of my father's father, Agostino Coppola. In those days, during prohibition, they would make wine in their New York City basement, in a big, homemade, concrete fermenter. They weren't fancy wines, mind you, but pleasurable everyday wines that reflected the comfort of home. Our Rosso is made in the same spirit a wine for everything life. Learn more about our wines at Alc. 14.1% by vol. 27