CoolHaus Ice Cream, Gourmet, Im Pei-Nut Butter

Double chocolate cookie + peanut butter ice cream. Architecturally-inspired. N: All natural. No GMO: Non-GMO ingredients. LS: Locally-sourced ingredients. GC: Grass-fed cows. No rBST: Bovine growth hormone. Real California milk. (Hashtag)wekeepitreal. The Story of CoolHaus: In 2008, while working our other jobs in design and real estate, we started making ice cream and cookies from scratch in our kitchen with local, sustainably sourced & unique ingredients. We named the combination after architects we loved to support our community. Soon after, we bought a postal van and converted it into an ice cream truck. Popularity grew quickly, and now we have a national fleet, storefronts, and our handmade sandwiches available pre-packaged like the one you're holding right now. Even though we've grown, nothing has changed about our sourcing, making things from scratch, innovating our favorite flavor combinations, or our punny architectural names. Inside, you will find a gourmet, handmade dessert product just like we make them fresh out of the truck and stores. - Natasha and Freya, Owners and Founders. Im Pei-Nut Butter after I.M. Pei Pritzker, Prize-Winning Architect. I.M. Pei's daughters, Didi and Sandi, followed in his footsteps, and are also architects. Natasha followed in her dad's footsteps too by studying architecture! Seems to be a theme with architects daughters. His distinctive geometric forms stemming from his modernist/cubist style are recognizable the world over. Tag your scoop At Coolhaus: Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest.