Comforts Wipes, Flushable, Fragrance-Free

Compare to Kandoo (Kandoo is a registered trademark of Nehemiah Manufacturing Company LLC, Cincinnati, OH 45204. Nehemiah Manufacturing Company LLC is not affiliated with the Kroger Co. or this product). Great for potty training. Better than bath tissue alone. Hypoallergenic with aloe and vitamin E. Flushable (Independent lab testing shows these wipes meet INDA Flushable Product Guidelines. Not all systems can accept flushable wipes. Ignoring disposal instructions may lead to clogs, property damage or regulatory violations. Comments or questions? 855-200-BABY; Biodegradable (The fibers used in this wipe are biodegradable when flushed). Disposal Instructions: Violates local rules. Using RV, marine or aviation system. Using macerator toilet or household pump. Fat or grease are put in any drain or you are unsure of system capability. If a problem is noticed, dispose of in trash and stop flushing. Flushing Ok If; Permitted by local rules. One wipe per flush. No history of clogs or back ups. Septic follows EPA schedule for alternative systems (annual inspection & pumping).