Colorista Semi-Permanent Color, Turquoise 650

In this Kit: Color tube; gloves; instruction sheet; expert brush. 4 fl oz (118 ml). New. For bleached, light blonde or highlighted hair. Lasts approximately 7-15 shampoos. (hashtag)Turquoise650. No ammonia. No peroxide. Vegan. Give up the rules. Give in to color. Fades shampoo after shampoo. Wear it. Work it. Wash it. Colorista Semi-Permanent is created with pure direct dyes in a conditioning hair-mask. No mixing required. Vegan Formula: no animal derived ingredients or byproducts. How it will wash out. Lasts approx. 5-10 shampoos. Lastingness may be shorter or longer than 5-10 shampoos depending on the starting color and conditioning of hair. Color fades gradually shampoo after shampoo. Tone may shift to green. Play & Customize Your Look: Choose one of our Colorista Bleach Kits, sold separately. Highlights. Ombre. All over. If hair is dark blonde or darker, pre-lighten to a light, pale blonde using one of our Colorista Bleaches. The lighter your color, the brighter your result. Results will vary depending on the starting color and condition of hair. Talk to your colorista specialist toll-free at 1-800-631-7358 or visit Made in Mexico.