CIROC French Vanilla (Made with Vodka Infused with Natural Flavors)

CIROC French Vanilla is a rich tasting spirit made with vodka distilled five times from fine French grapes, finished in a tailor-made copper pot still in Southern France. We use a distinctive blend of vanilla flavors from multiple sources such as Madagascar along with other natural flavors to give CIROC French Vanilla it's uniquely rich, silky and creamy taste. The result is a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. Simply mix with coconut cream, evaporated milk, sweetened milk, a dab of vanilla extract and a pinch of cinnamon for a refreshing tasting French Vanilla Coquito cocktail. Includes one 70 proof 1.75 L bottle of CIROC French Vanilla. Born from generations of winemakers and distillers dating back to the 15th century, Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, the Master Distiller of CIROC, carries the art of distilling in his veins and is based in France in the renowned wine region of Bordeaux. Our spirits are made from fine French grapes, specially selected to embody a distinctive flavor with an exceptionally fresh taste. Each blend combines the masterful art of traditional and modern distillation to bring you the finest, smoothest spirits with the most refreshing taste. Please drink responsibly.