Chosen Foods Chia Slims, Detox

Dietary Supplement. Chia seeds, coconut sugar, lemon juice, & ground cayenne pepper blend. USDA organic. 100% organic. This low glycemic formulation contain beneficial omega-3, and provides anti-inflammatory compounds while rehydrating. Non GMO Project verified. On-the-go. Verified quality. Boost your metabolism. Tried. Tested. True nutrition. Chosen Foods oversees and guides each step, from field to table. We are committed to transparency - from our farming, to our processing, to the nutrient claims on every label. We don't just tell you our products have value, we prove it! Chia Slims Detox stickpacks are a blend of natural, organically produced plant extracts containing chia seeds, coconut sugar, lemon juice powder & cayenne pepper, each of which has a long history of scientific studies to support it's health benefits. For example: Lemon has been used as a digestive aid and diuretic. It's vitamin C potency is considered an anti-inflammatory; Capsicum Cayenne Pepper has been used for relief of poor circulation and may have beneficial benefits of thermogenesis which may boost metabolism; Chia Seeds contain omega-3, fiber and calcium. Certified organic by: Oregon Tilth. To learn more about the low glycemic index sweeteners used in Chia Slims Detox please visit Low glycemic index. Just pour, shake & go! Boost metabolism! With cayenne pepper. Our daily lives expose us to countless toxins, pollutants and chemicals. They are in our food, the air we breathe and in the products we use on our skin. Periodically, it's important to give the body a break and flush lingering toxins out. Chosen Foods Chia Detox is the perfect partner in your cleansing efforts! We've taken a simple, organic lemon cleanse recipe and added our 100% organic chia seeds. Chia contains fiber, which helps promote regularity and may provide a feeling of fullness during a short term cleanse. Learn more at (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease). Manufactured in USA.