Chocxo Baking Chips, Organic, Dark Chocolate, Bittersweet

Less than 2 g of sugar per serving. USDA Organic. Certified organic by FVOPA. Certified gluten-free. This product is keto product certified. Non GMO. 85% cacao. At ChocXo, when we say eat chocolate, be happy, we mean it in more ways than one. A healthy body is a happy body. That's why we created a line of ChocXo baking items for your home pantry. Reap all the benefits of ChocXo's better for you, lower in sugar baking products, with all natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Whether enjoying one of ChocXo's Organic snack items or baking with one of ChocXo's home baking products, you'll be maintaining your healthy, happy lifestyle by eating ChocXo Chocolate. Share the XO with someone special today. Made with fairtrade ingredients.