Chatham Village Large Cut Baked Croutons Ranch

Chatham Village® Large Cut Baked Croutons Ranch. Homestyle. Net Wt 5 oz (142 g). Chatham Village® Croutons originated in a tiny sandwich shop nestled in town of Chatham, Massachusetts on the elbow of Cape Cod. It was there that a great tradition of baking the freshest breads, rolls and unique homemade croutons was born. Today the tradition still lives as we continue to use our signature, twice-baked process to create the freshest tasting, most deliciously crunchy croutons. First, we bake our made-from-scratch French bread dough. After the rich, crusty loaves cool, we cut them to size, season them with our special seasoning blend, and then bake them to perfection to seal in that exceptional Chatham Village flavor. Enjoy Chatham Village croutons on salads, in soups or as a perfect snack. Try our traditional cut or any of our large cut varieties for the ultimate in crunchiness. Chatham Village Croutons are made with quality ingredients for the finest eating experience. Questions or Comments Call 1-888-254-0850. ©T. Marzetti Co.