Celtic Sea Salt Light Grey Celtic

Celtic Sea Salt® Light Grey Celtic®. Selina Naturally®. Since 1976. Refill your Celtic Sea Salt® grinder. Taste the salt recommended by health professionals and culinary chefs. Doctor recommended since 1976. Sustainably harvested. Unrefined raw sea salt. Exquisite taste. This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient. Vital mineral blend. 1 lb (454 g). Celtic Sea Salt® brand is hand-harvested, sun-dried whole salt. With no additives, Celtic Sea Salt® brand enhances the taste of any dish while providing a natural balance of minerals and trace elements. Celtic Sea Salt® brand is certified at the source by Europe's Nature et Progres to be free from pesticides, herbicides and harmful chemicals. Contains no anti-caking or bleaching agents, or other additives. Call 1-800-TOP-SALT (800-867-7258). Visit www.selinanaturally.com.