Carrington Farms Coconut Flour, Organic

Made from ground, organic, coconut. Delicious in recipes like pancakes, cookies, breadings and more. 3 g protein + 5.6 g fiber. Contains 2 g of total fat per serving. Gluten free. USDA Organic. Quality Assurance International. Certified Organic. Certified Organic by QAI. See nutrition information for fat content. Non GMO Project verified. Scoop up some goodness. When it comes to flour power, our organic coconut flour is a perfect addition to your pantry. This powdery goodness is low in calories, free-from gluten and trans fats, and an easy way to add nutrients, protein and fiber (contains 2 g of total fat per serving) to your day. Low in sugar - it's low on the glycemic index. Blend into your favorite recipes, use as a coating in chicken or fish. As coconut flour absorbs 4x its weight in liquid, we recommend using with recipes designed with coconut flour in mind. Connect with us (at)CarringtonFarms. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Visit for delicious recipes. Good Houskeeping Nutritionist Approved. Blended and packed in the USA.