Caribou Coffee Mahogany Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Caribou Coffee® Mahogany Dark Roast Ground. Est. 1992. Rainforest Alliance certified 100%. Woodsy & rich. Net Wt 20 Oz (567g). Bou. 100% Freshness & enjoyment guaranteed. If this coffee is not exceptionally fresh and enjoyable, we'll gladly replace it. Small batch roasting. 1% World's top beans. Hand crafted. 100% Arabica coffee. One little bean. A whole lotta inspiration. At Caribou Coffee, we've always been fascinated by the potential packed in one of our coffee beans. Inside lives enough inspiration to roller skate up the side of a mountain, pen a best-selling novel, or stay in your pajamas a little longer on a Sunday morning. Oh, it's also packed with such a mind-blowing amount of flavor that even our highly-qualified experts can't quite explain it. And if all that can be contained in a single bean, one can only dream of what a whole bag of these suckers is capable of. Guess you're about to find out. Life is short, stay awake for It®. The perfect brew. The perfect Bou. Made just for you. ©®Is a registered trademark of Caribou Coffee Company, Inc. All rights reserved 2016 Bou does house calls order online at