Carbona® Reusable Color & Dirt Grabber™ 1 ct Box

You separate whites from colors, but you don’t always separate the colored wash. As a result thousands of stray color & dirt molecules can become attached to your clothes, leaving bright garments looking dull. Carbona® Color & Dirt Grabber is a clever cloth that attracts, absorbs and locks in all the stray color & dirt in every wash so it doesn’t end up on your clothes. Thanks to its unique fabric, the cloth can be re-used up to 30 wash loads keeping your clothes bright and vibrant. Effective for up to 30 washes—track by ticking a box after every wash. The Carbona® Story: Since 1885 we have helped households like yours solve your everyday cleaning challenges. In 1994 Carbona® joined forces with Dr. Beckmann®, the #1 stain remover specialist in Europe.Today, as part of a family company, we have an unbroken commitment to develop trusted products like Stain Devils® and 2 in 1 Carpet Cleaner for the US consumer.Carbona®—Because there’s more to life than cleaning™ The Carbona® PromiseYou have the right to know what’s inside the products you purchase. Carbona® is one of the first bands in the household products industry that will clearly print the ingredients on each package. Good for 30 Loads Wash Mixed Colors with Confidence Ultra Absorbing Terry Cloth Works in Standard and High Efficiency Machines