Cabot Aged Cheddar Cheese Seriously Sharp

Cabot™ Seriously Sharp Premium Naturally Aged Cheddar Cheese. Owned by our farm families in New York & New England. Since 1919. 100% of profits go to our farmers. Supporting our communities. Our communities supporting us. Since 1919, generations of farm families who own Cabot creamery cooperative now 1,200 strong throughout New England and New York - have used traditional crafts to produce world-class cheddar. From our farms to your family's home, comes our promise of quality. *By law we must note: The FDA has stated that there is no significant difference between milk from rBST-treated and untreated cows. No artificial growth hormone*. Lactose free naturally. Naturally gluten free. Contains no animal rennet. Contains 0g of lactose per serving. Comments welcome: ©2012.